At 183S/45 Toll Rd south east of Austin, 9-mile south of Bergstrom Airport
FOR INFORMATION: (512) 923-8578

"Road Runner" | 2023 Mercedes Sunseeker - $18,500

"Scenic Suite" | 2023 Mercedes Sunseeker | Couples Cabin - $18,500

"Lunar Cruiser" | 2023 Gulfstream Yellowstone | Full Upgrades - $20,000

"RV There Yet" | 2023 Gulfstream Yellowstone | Adventure Ready - $20,000

"Nature Navigator" | 2023 Gulfstream Yellowstone - $20,000

"Wander Wheels" | 2023 Gulfstream Yellowstone - $20,000

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Burning Man experience with The Ride RV. Our rentals are in high demand, so make sure to secure your RV early. Visit our website or give us a call to explore our fleet, check availability, and reserve the perfect RV for your journey.

The Cost

Cleaning Fee 
For burning man we understand that it’s impossible to keep the RV clean because of this you don’t have to worry about cleaning anything after your trip. We charge a $1,000 cleaning fee to cover everything that happens during the festival. This is an optional add on but if you choose not to use this and bring the RV back in subpar condition we will charge $1,500 for an inconvenience cleaning fee. Please understand this and prepare beforehand if you want to clean the RV yourself.

Delivery Fee
We can deliver to the Reno airport and can provide pickup and delivery from the airport to the event for you. For this service we charge a $1,000 fee. If you’d like to pick up the RV at our stated locations that is free of charge of course but you must let us know 3 days in advance the time you will be picking up. Between 8am – 3pm.
If you’d like to have the RV delivered to a certain location we can drop the RV there and the cost will be dependent on the distance from our mentioned pick up location.

Reserve Your RV Today!
Now is the time to book your RV for burning man, prices will only go up closer to the date

Top Tips

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